A һeагt-wrenching video captures the plight of a paralyzed dog, сгᴜeɩɩу аЬапdoпed and chained to the street with a diaper bag Ьeагіпɡ the deѕрeгаte рɩeа: “Please save me.”

Having a paralyzed dog or cat is not simple for any pet owner by their specific demands. That is the reason why crippled dogs are frequently abandoned by their owners.

Lunita was a lovely little dog but regrettably, she was crippled and discarded on the streets of Salta, Argentina. Luckily, one of the dog-grooming staff noticed Lunita and felt terrible for her, so the good person phoned the rescue group LUBA Salta. Soon, two volunteers hurried over to check on Lunita’s health and pick up her.

She was discovered while laying face down on the pavement and was tied to a rail near a dog grooming establishment. Her hind legs were linked to a rusty wheelchair. Beside her, there was a bag of diapers and a letter with her name, age, and an explanation. Her prior owners indicated that they couldn’t keep her and although they didn’t leave her any food or drink.

They took her to a shelter and then she was put in a foster family. The volunteers shared her details on Facebook in the hopes of finding a family for her. Finally, a U.S family contacted the group and offered to give Lunita a permanent home.

Unfortunately, all did not go well for Lunita in her new home. The family didn’t know how to take adequate care of a disabled dog and ended up ignoring her, which resulted to Lunita acquiring a very nasty staphylococcal illness.

It needed tremendous effort and medical care to help her heal all the problems. After that, another U.S family stepped in and offered Lunita a home. Along with her new family and wonderful health, she became one of the happiest dogs we’ve ever seen. She could play with her doggie sister, go about with a custom-built wheelchair, visit parks, play in the snow, and even have birthday celebrations.

Unfortunately, barely a month after celebrating her 11th anniversary, she became unwell and had to be taken to ICU at University Medical Hospital, where she once again struggled for her life and died away surrounded by her loved ones.

“I will never forget her and how much she meant to me,” Lunita’s mum posted on Facebook. “She impacted my life forever. I loved her so much.”

Lunita’s journey came to a conclusion and is an excellent example of resilience. But one thing’s sure, Lunita’s last year of life was the greatest she ever had. Share this article with all your friends to pray for this great dog! Rest in peace, Lunita!

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