A man puts in a desperate attempt to save a street dog teetering on the edge of mortality.

Rudozem Street Dog Rescue of Bulgaria received a call about a stray in need of life-saving help. Rescuers sprung to action and saw that the puppy was severely malnourished and on the actual edge of death. They couldn’t believe their own eyes.

They came close to slowly knowing the dog was in major pain.

For any chance of survival, the poor girl would certainly need instant care.

Life as a stray had actually taken its toll on the dog both mentally and physically.

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She could hardly go on her own but always tried her best.

Khaleesi would have a long road ahead of her even if she did pull through that first night.

After gaining a little bit of strength, they were able to provide Khaleesi her first bath.

Besides, she ‘d been through in life, she welcomed any type of love and affection.

She gradually began showing extra signs of life.

She was acting more and more like a regular dog, and it was amazing to see!

They had to make regular trips to the veterinarian, but Khaleesi was constantly cooperative and willing.

After receiving all of her vaccinations …

… She obtained a pretty cast put on her damaged leg.

You can see on her face she was starting to feel a lot better.

Her coat began growing back …

… And soon her appetite returned!

Here’s the brand-new and improved Khaleesi. Yes, that’s the same dog!

What an incredible change! Here’s to all the best going forward

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