After 30 years in captivity, the elephant was rescued, and subsequent X-ray results гeⱱeаɩed the following: dіѕɩoсаtіoп of the ѕkᴜɩɩ at the distal femur, teаг of the toᴜɡһ joint capsule, fгасtᴜгe of the proximal tіЬіа, and soft tissue ѕweɩɩіпɡ.

Mae Mai is a 30-year-old elephant. When we first met her at the elephant camp nearby, the illness, injury and the poor living condition debilitated her health and she looked older than her age. While she was a logging elephant she had accident which cause her broken leg. We visited Mae Mai at the river bank behind the camp, she has just been standing there waiting for death but we cannot leave her behind.

Our founder offered her former owner to let her stay at Elephant Nature Park for some treatments and food. On January 8, 2021 we walked her along the river to the park because she was so weak and could not step onto the truck. When she arrived, Doctor Tom Channarong Srisa-ard, our vet and his team took care of her immediately.  Mae Mai, walked with the broken leg to her forever home at Elephant Nature Park.

Mae Mai adjusted quickly, only a few days living at the park she is more relaxed in her quarantine area. She understands her own need for recovery and desires that. She eats everything in front of her as if she had never food before. She sleeps, and on awakening, she eats and then sleeps again. This is a very good sign. On 10th January 2021, it was the first time our vet team brought her to the hydrotherapy pool. She did not hesitate. She entered straight away. Often our elephants will take time before they trust to go down into the pool but Mae Mai entered right away. She loved it and didn’t want to leave the pool. She deeply relaxed and even slept for awhile in the water. She reminded us of DaLah Dalah’s pool. We can see clearly that Mae Mai does not give up. She fights for her life.

An x-ray was taken of Mae Mai’s leg by Dr. Tom, Radiography reported as below:

– cranial dislocation of distal femur– tearing of stifle joint capsule– ships fracture of proximal tibia– soft tissue swelling

Dr.Tom commented about the treatments she need:– walking restriction– pool therapy– joint support– pain control– increase weight nutritional supplement– wound management– vitamin supplements

She is in our good hands, our vet team and the park staff provide her daily treatment and variety food (and fruits). With the supplements food and good care, Mae Mai has gain more weight. She looks much happier and healthier. Sadly, her illness and her broken leg need to receive the intensive care but we have to get permission from the owner so it is quite complicate to help this poor lady. Finally, our dream come true!! Mae Mai is now totally free. She was rescued and could forever be free to live at Elephant Nature Park until the last second of her life. Big thank you to Khun Tor Supida and her family for this kind support to rescue Mae Mai. Words cannot express how grateful we are.

We’ve introduced many female elephants to Mae Mai and spent many days to observe who will be her friend but due to the bad experience with another elephants she preferred her isolate until she met Mae Sri, the granny elephant who was rescued to Elephant Nature Park on October 2018 Mae Sri rescued story  Mae Mai become friend with Mae Sri and love to stay together under the shade of threes. There might be some miracle of their relationship because Mae Sri use the same pool as Dalah (already passed away before Mae Mai arrived) as well as Mae Mai does. Both Mae Sri and Mae Mai love Dalah’s pool.

At the moment Mae Mai is now our permanent resident, we could provide the intensive treatment for her good health and well being. We are so excited to inform that no longer Mae Mai can walk pain freely with her bionic braces, please stay tuned.

Contribution to Elephant Nature Park

Mae Mai started to walk along the river to ENP.

Once she arrived our clinic, the vet team immediately provided her some IV fluids.

She received IV fluid and enjoyed watermelon at the same time.

On the first morning at ENP, our staff came to visit Mae Mai at her quarantine shelter.

The vet put some medicine on her wounds.

Mae Mai knows that she is being help and treat. So she is fully cooperates with the vet team, she stand still to get treat and enjoy with the food in front of her.

Dr.Tom cleaning her wounds.

Our vet apply some remedy to the wound on Mae Mai’s head.

While she’s receiving the care from our staff she also enjoyed eating.

Our vets checking Mae Mai’s leg.

We keep her warm with the colorful blanket.

Mae Mai with the new blanket. She is beautiful.

Mae Mai was impressed with her therapy pool.

Mae Mai spent long hours in the pool, she love it.

Mae Mai can eat well.

Mae Mai (left) with her friend Mae Sri (right).

Mae Mai walked freely from her night shelter to the field. She look much better.

Mae Mai has gain more weight and healthier after 5 months living at ENP.

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