Aggressive Food Battle Takes a Grim Turn: Lionesses Inflict Injury on Lion, Resulting in Testicle Loss Following a Food Theft Attempt

He won’t do that again! Lion loses a TESTICLE after lionesses attack him for trying to steal their food

This lion upset a pride of lionesses and lost a testicle for his trouble after they pounced on him for trying to take food from their young.

Mandevo the lion tried to swipe a buffalo kill from the new mothers, not realising it was meant for their 11-strong brood of cubs.

Mandevo suffered a nasty bite to his genitals during the fight in Maasai Mara, Kenya, that left vets no choice but to remove one of his testicles.

Photographer Gren Sowerby captured the cat fight on camera, allowing him to raise the alert rangers who moved in to administer veterinary treatment.

Mr Sowerby, from Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, regularly visits the area to photograph the animals.

The 71-year-old said: ‘The roar was like an F1 car! He laid down and licked himself.

‘We were surprised but have seen this behaviour before. We saw the damage done to him.’

If Mr Sowerby and his team had not seen what happened, Mandevo may not have received urgent treatment for his injury.

He added: ‘The rangers sent a vet out from the Nairobi Elephant Orphanage.

‘He did surgery on him and he is now recovering in the wild where they will monitor him.’

A lion lost a testicle after he tried to steal food from cubs and a pride of lionesses attacked him (pictured) for his blunder

The lion was no match for the lionesses protecting their 11 cubs. The animals were soon embroiled in a vicious fight

Mandevo the lion was left with a bite to his genitals that needed attention from vets, who decided they needed to remove one of his testicles

The lion got into the scrap after he tried to pinch a buffalo kill from the new mothers that was intended for the 11 newborns

The battle was spotted by determined photographer Gren Sowerby, 71, in Maasai Mara, in the south west of Kenya

The lionesses were snapped with blood around their mouths during the brutal fight, in which they pinned the lion down

Mr Sowerby, from Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear, regularly visits this area of East African country Kenya to photograph animals

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