An Adorable Dog Miraculously Recovered After Being Ьeаteп and ѕһot on the fасe

A puppy who lost her snout after being stomped on and shot at has found a forever home after undergoing life-changing surgery.

Footage shows the one-year-old puppy, Millie, before she underwent life-changing surgery, with a long, floppy tongue hanging below her crushed snout.

Clips show her bounding enthusiastically up to the vets who saved her life and bounding in a field in her adopted town of Brighton.

The puppy, Millie (pictured above), has found a forever home in Brighton after being born as a stray in Russia and undergoing life-changing surgery

Kasey Carlin (above), 25, made the negotiation via Google translate and with the help of her employers, the Wild At Heart Foundation , an animal rescue organisation

Millie, or ‘snot monster’ as she’s affectionately nicknamed by her rescuer, Kasey Carlin, 25, was subjected to the worst possible start in life.

Born as a stray in Russia, Millie was found dying on the streets by animal activists. She had been shot in the face multiple times and her severe facial injuries were most likely from someone deliberately stamping on her.

When Millie was rescued from the cold, she was attempting to claw the rotten mess of her snout away from her own face.

Fortunately, Millie’s horrendous journey came to the attention of Kasey.

After weeks of fund-raising and sending emails to the Russian animal sanctuary Vyberimenya where Millie was based, Kasey was able to negotiate Millie’s evacuation to the UK.

She made the negotiation via Google translate and with the help of her employers, the Wild At Heart Foundation, an animal rescue organisation looking to tackle the world’s 600 million stray dog population.

Since arriving in the UK a little over a month ago, Millie has undergone further surgeries to help her lead a normal life.

Her right eye was removed – as it was underdeveloped after bullet shrapnel became embedded during her painful formative months – and she had a new nose attached.

Millie (left) with Bella (middle), who Ms Carlin is currently fostering, and her sister Maggie (right), who was found in horrific condition in her native home Lebanon

Ms Carlin with Millie. After weeks of fund-raising and sending emails to the Russian animal sanctuary Vyberimenya, she negotiated the dog’s evacuation to the UK

An x-ray of Millie’s head, with her entire face left ‘shattered’ following the attack, in which she was stomped on and shot in the face multiple times

Kasey, who was born in Scotland, was delighted with the latest furry addition to her family.

She said: ‘When I saw her, I just fell in love with her instantaneously. She had no nose and a tube to help her breathe and smell but she was just so happy in her videos. My heart melted and I had to have her.

‘My desire to give her a loving home only increased after I heard about her story. When she was picked up, her face was just totally shattered, a complete mess. She was trying to claw away the rotting mulch where her nose had been.

‘It’s possible that she was hit by a car but it’s much more likely she was stamped on as her injuries are almost all on her face. There were several bullets in her too. We’re not sure if she was used as target practice before or if someone tried and failed to euthanise her – it’s more likely to be the former sadly.

‘I found Millie’s images on Instagram and then I posted in every one of her photos and sent multiple messages to get in contact and see if she’s still available for adoption. I finally google translated my messages and Irina from the shelter Vyberimenya spoke with me.

‘In less than three weeks her Russian shelter had raised the transport fees while in the UK I fundraised in the UK and in partnership with my charity Wild at Heart Foundation. In less than a week we had raised the funds to get her the specialist care she needed that would give her the life-changing surgery she desperately needed.’

Millie’s quality of life has since improved and she can eat and exercise like any other dog. Funds were raised to give her the life-changing surgery

Millie with her older sister Maggie, a therapy dog and Instagram sensation that Ms Carlin, who is is currently looking after four dogs, rescued from Lebanon

Kasey is currently looking after four dogs: three of her own, Mishka, Maggie, and Millie, and one foster, Bella.

Millie’s older sister Maggie melted the nation’s heart last year when her story went viral. Five-year-old Maggie was found in horrific condition in her native home Lebanon: tied to a box with her eyes shot out, her ear cut off, her jaw broken and bullet wounds all over her body.

Fortunately, after a hard-fought campaign to raise funds to rescue her, Maggie found a new home in Brighton with dog lover Kasey. Maggie is now a much sought-after therapy dog and has been nominated for a national bravery award.

When Maggie’s tragic origin story was first told, vets believed Maggie had been shot 17 times. New x-rays show she actually has well over 200 pellets riddled in her body, making her remarkable recovery practically miraculous.

Kasey added: ‘My dad always said that I’d bring home Bambi if I saw him at the side of the road.

‘I’ve always loved animals and always wanted to be a vet or conservationist when I got older. Now I get to work as an animal rescuer and therapist and it’s just the best work. I love it.

‘I love all my pets equally and they’re just normal dogs, none of them suffer at all. They eat, drink, and play like any other dog. They’re super happy and they make everyone they meet happy too.

‘Considering everything they’ve been through, their spirit just constantly overwhelms me. They have so much love to give and they just want to be around people making them happy. They’re perfect.’