An Urgent Plea for Assistance: Buffalo’s Distress Signal Draws More Lions, Culminating in a Fateful Meeting

This buffalo tried calling his herd to save him from a pride of lions but instead called more lions, which ended badly for the pride and the buffalo.

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Wildlife photographer Joe Welman, while on a safari drive in the MalaMala Game Reserve, captured this incredible display. He shared the story and footage with

“We set out early one morning, eager to find the resident pride of lions that call this reserve home. Little did we know that we were about to witness something that only happens once in a lifetime.”

As Johannes and his group ventured deeper into the reserve, they stumbled upon a pride of lions that had managed to corner a massive buffalo bull. However, it soon became evident that these young lions were inexperienced hunters, as they were unable to kill it. They were merely biting the buffalo’s hindquarters, not sure on how to deliver the fatal blow.

The injured buffalo, though in pain and distress, refused to give up, and its continuous bellows pierced the air, echoing through the savannah. In a desperate attempt to rally its own kind for support, the buffalo’s cries resonated across the vast landscape.

For a brief moment, some of the buffalo herd members rushed back to the injured buffalo bull, showing solidarity and a glimmer of hope. However, their presence was short-lived, as the impending danger was too great.


That’s when a coalition of male lions from a different pride, who happened to be nearby, came thundering onto the scene. It was a dramatic turn of events, and not the kind of attention the buffalo had hoped for. The buffalo’s situation had gone from bad to worse, as the formidable lions closed in, ready to seize the opportunity that fate had presented to them.

The sight of these formidable males sent shockwaves through the pride of young lions. Frightened and outmatched, the young lions retreated, leaving the buffalo a brief window of hope. Exhausted but not defeated, the wounded buffalo managed to rise to its feet. Yet, the wear and tear of the ordeal had taken its toll, and it had little energy left to escape.

But the drama was far from over. The coalition of male lions, having chased off the inexperienced pride, returned to finish the job. This time, they quickly put an end to the buffalo’s struggle.

“In the wild, every moment is a test of survival. Nature’s balance can be harsh, yet it is essential for the delicate balance of these ecosystems.”

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