Betrayal and аɡoпу: Giant Rock Python Writhes in раіп, Ьetгауed by the ѕһагр tһoгп of the Antelope”

Rock pythons are large animals and can swallow anything they want into their stomachs, the hunts of rock pythons are also extremely interesting.

A great moment for viewers watching the rock python handle the horn of an antelope and then fail.

Rock pythons will often hide in the grass and attack animals that pass by suddenly and then squeeze their prey. An unlucky antelope has fallen into the hands of a rock python and is being processed into a delicious meal.

The python tried to swallow the head of the antelope and the biggest obstacle was the long, pointed horns. Rock pythons can digest hard and sharp horns, but how to swallow an antelope in the stomach.

Python strangles antelope then dies after being skewered by horns | Metro News

Rock pythons are full of pain when their horns make two large holes in their mouths and they have to give up their meals if they don’t want to die with the antelope. It took a lot of work to get a good meal and the rock python had to give up in pain.


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