Epic Elephant Confrontations with Wild Creatures Expose the Unleashed Power and Ferocity of these Majestic Beasts.

You can’t be in the wrong position in dealing with an elephant, unless you want to endanger your life, Hai. but some animals are really unfortunate even bother and disturb

The calm of this super large animal Hi. it was as usual. before continuing, don’t forget to like, subscribe and press your notification button below this video, so you don’t miss any interesting news from this channel. elephant versus lion.


largest mammal in the world is the African elephant, which you can find in the country of Botswana, which is also home to one of the cruelest predators, yes, the mighty lion.

Every year, during the dry season, elephants that live in large groups must migrate to areas that still have a natural supply of water, so that they also live in droves to survive.

This creates a meeting between the two, especially when a female elephant gives birth to a baby.

Hi, lions will always try to attack baby elephants, considering they are too young and not good at defending themselves.

Hi, the size of a baby elephant that is large enough to be a food

supply for a long time

For the lions, but it’s not that easy, so extreme care must be taken, because even though elephants are herbivores and not aggressive, they are large enough to deal serious damage to anything that threatens its survival.

Hey, looks like an adult elephant is protecting its newborn baby and ready to fight a big lion.

Most of the elephants do not fight or attack the lion, but by simply standing over the enemy and pinning him to the

ground until he becomes limp, helpless or even dead.

Elephants versus in Indonesia.

The hippopotamus is the deadliest animal to humans in the world, which means more people die from my attacks every year than any other animal.

Hippos themselves are very aggressive and territorial, especially when they are in the water.

They are very large, can run fast and are also very strong.

The real threat to almost everything that crosses Jalan Hippopotamus is seen when a mother elephant and her calf try to enjoy the water to wash themselves.

Suddenly my ear Daniel, small round, appeared above the water.


The mother elephant put her big body to block. the hippo approached her baby.

Then, slowly, the mother elephant pulled her baby

Stay away from me Daniel.

He stared at them aggressively.

Fortunately, the

hippopotamus did not attack when it was very close to the baby elephant.

Elephants versus rhinos in Indonesia.

Rhinos and elephants are eternal enemies, not because they prey on each other, but because both species are herbivores, which means they eat plants Hai.

Both are very large and almost equally strong animals, which belong to two very different species of animals, so they pose a threat to one another.

Because it shares a natural habitat Hi.

They don’t even like to share water sources, as you can see how elephants today try to attack rhinos with their calves because of this

Drink some water from the same source.

The elephant’s goal is not to actually injure or kill, but to scare the rhino as a slightly aggressive method of deterrence.

Elephant versus crocodile.

So far

Powerful and fearsome predators go, crocodiles certainly rank very high.

Their physique has hardly changed at all over the centuries.

Even then, the three that were faced were a herd of elephants protecting their children.

Nothing will stop the rampage of an elephant, not even the mighty crocodile.

Even though Hi looks.

These herds of elephants must cross the river to get to the other side and continue their annual migration.

Soon the elephants realized something deadly was hiding in the water.

He is a big hungry crocodile targeting the

elephant’s child.

The action of the Water Predator failed because the female elephant immediately rushed into the water to attack with her tusks stomping and any attempt to make the crocodile back off and finally succeeded.

MP3 Jah versus Fox and Haina.

The three adult elephant ears flap aggressively with their big horns running fast towards you.

It was a nightmare to come, like a female elephant marching towards the Fox and Haina to protect her young calf.

It’s no easy task being a mother, but being out in the wild and having so many predators eyeing your child must be terrifying.

This is why the elephants got fed up and

decided to scare off the two predators that were prowling around their herd, hey, hey and himself could coordinate the Complex attack to separate the calf from the herd.

The sneaky and effective way is to send one hina to distract the adult elephants, while the other approaches from behind to steal the babies.

The Elephant was hit by Hai, but Haina’s mission was thwarted by an elephant with a height of 13 feet and a weight of 4000 trees that Never Retreat guarded her baby at Hai. elephant versus wild dog, as explained earlier.

Elephants are very protective of their children when wild dogs appear.

Even the wild dogs have understood not to mess with elephants, but this time they are hungry and desperate. stray dogs targeting babies

Elephants because they are easy to conquer.

But when the adult elephants become aware of this situation, they start sounding alarms from their trunks.

Can Hai soon all the

other elephants circle and face a pack of wild dogs and drive away any predators that are dangerous to those who MP3.

Jah versus tiger.

You all know that tigers are very skilled hunters.

They are apex predators and very few animals can survive a tiger’s attack.

But when it comes to a female elephant and her calf, even the mighty Tiger has to be careful as it could be seriously injured if it tries its luck a calf Being a meal is too good for a tiger to miss, so one has to gauge the situation very carefully, bearing in mind one of An elephant horn can cost him his life.

Of course, after much deliberation, the tiger tried to launch its attack.

Hi, the

elephant’s strategy for dealing with predators on this one, namely one adult elephant, guards the elephants, while the others start running, attack the tigers, then decide to run away

Themselves because they feel not worth the risk.

We can also conclude that elephants are complex and very intelligent creatures.

It seems that no other animal on earth can beat an elephant, especially one that is protecting its young.

It seems, if the matter is with the mothers, it’s better to back off regularly


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