foгɡotteп and Misunderstood: The Silent ѕtгᴜɡɡɩe of a 34 kg Obese Stray Dog

From Zoorprendente we bring you the story of Bolinha, she was abandoned at a gas station a long way down a rural road in western Brazil.

She had been living on the streets in the midst of misery for several years, surviving among the drivers who stopped to refuel. Many people, instead of caring about her health, looked at her with indifference, and barely fed her with leftovers from the cafeteria.

The stray dog ​​became obese being the laughingstock of everyone but no one helped her

The unhealthy diet ended up affecting the 9-year-old dog to such proportions that she gradually reached worrying morbid obesity. Sadly, no one was careful about her diet.

The poor thing came to weigh approximately 40 kilos.

At this point, many locals only came to the place to meet the famous “ball dog”, but no one bothered to get her help.

Bolinha became something of a “local attraction”, being very conspicuous because of his weight. What made many burst out laughing as soon as they saw it and dedicated themselves to taking photos of it to spread them on the networks.

Bolinha needed attention, it wasn’t fun for her to be a “ball” as she was baptized.

In addition, his state of health was not adequate at all. The poor girl longed for love very much.

One day, the dog, heartbroken from so much teasing, crawled into a junkyard and stopped moving altogether.

It was then that some animal activists from a nearby town took pity on her and decided to intervene.

They found it in the rubble, behind the service station.

When she was discovered on the pile of rubble, she couldn’t even walk and was having great difficulty breathing.

From that moment they took care of her and transferred her to the Animal Protection Organization (OPA-MT).

They gave her perhaps the first bath she’s ever had, and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She finally felt protected, she was not hungry for food, she was malnourished for affection and affection.

She gratefully enjoyed her first session of clean water falling on her body

Although he was doing very well, they had to regulate his weight to ensure that he could continue to live healthy for many years.

It was urgent that she lose those kilos that tormented her.

It was quite a challenge for the team that cared for her, but they took on the challenge of helping her. She had to exercise daily by walking to relieve the stress on her joints.

It was a very slow process, but it was worth it.

With her new diet, the exercises and above all the love she received, in less than a year after being rescued she has lost more than 15 kilos so far, which is very favorable for her health.

In the next few days they plan to manage to lose 15 more kilos to reach the proposed goal of the desired weight to contribute to their good physical condition.

It is impressive to see his transformation, there is no doubt that he will achieve the goal. With so much will and with the support of the team of rescuers who care for her with so much love, she will reach the expected weight and health.

The truth is that now she is a happy and tender dog who smiles all the time.

And best of all, she will be adopted by one of the activists who rescued her.

Bolinha’s weight loss battle and her ” zoo-amazing ” transformation are inspiring people all over the world.

We hope that you will spend your golden years in the comfort of your home, never again having to be the victim of people’s laughter and neglect.

We are very proud of you, Bolinha!

It is one of those stories that makes us outraged and saddened by its difficult beginning, but truly inspiring by its emotional ending. That it serves so that humans are attentive to the nutrition of puppies. They deserve attention and protection.

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