Guardian of Love: A Mother Ostrich’s fіeгсe defeпѕe аɡаіпѕt a ргedаtoгу tһгeаt”

The battle for survival in the natural world is extremely harsh. Predators always take advantage of vulnerable times to eat them. The mother ostrich in the following clip was ambushed by a lion but still risked her life to protect her cubs.

Specifically, in the video, the ostrich family can be seen wandering in the meadow to find food when suddenly a lion rushes to attack.

The lightning-fast lion grabbed each ostrich, the newly hatched ostriches were extremely weak, they could not resist the lion king.

Seeing the baby ostrich being killed by a lion, the mother ostrich was extremely angry. The mother ostrich rushes to snatch the baby from the lion’s mouth and bring it to a safe place.

The mother ostrich continued to save the other ostriches, the angry mother used her feet to kick the lion away, then hurriedly ran away with her cubs.

Watch the video below: