Nature’s Chase: Jaw-Dropping Moment as Alaskan Brown Bear Pursues Giant Moose in Rare and Captivating Footage

We recently saw a moose use water to his advantage while avoiding demise at the hands of a grizzly, but this one wasn’t so lucky.

While out on what I believe was a fishing trip, two friends stumbled upon one of the greatest sights in all of nature, a brown bear on the hunt.

The two guys were on the Alagnak River, which originates in the Katmai National Park and Preserve in southwest Alaska, when they noticed a moose attempting to wade through the hard running waters. Then their eyes were drawn to a different, much scarier sight.

A large brown bear saw the moose in the open waters and decided to make a run at it.

Both moose and brown bears are great swimmers, and given the moose had a head start on the hungry predator, you may think this would be a case where it was able to get away.

But this bear was out for blood.

In a harrowing effort, the bear thrashes towards the moose, powering against the current before eventually catching up with the terrified creature. While the moose sure put in a good effort attempting to fight off the attacker, when all was said and done, it was no use.

Once the bear was able to latch on to the moose it was all over and the clip ends with the bear beginning the feast after dragging the lifeless moose to the shore.

Nature sure is brutal everywhere, but it seems even more so in the wild north of Alaska.

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