So ѕаd: Baby white rhino Arthur kissed his mother’s body one last time and then followed the rangers on the way to the orphanage after his mother раѕѕed аwау.

A rare white rhino baby has been rescued from certain death after it was found lying injured next to its dead mother in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.

His mother had been slaughtered by poachers for her horns, and the cruel killers attacked the calf when it tried to protect her.

The baby white rhino, now named Arthur, was found cowering alongside her remains with a hunter’s dart in his ribs and serious injuries to his back and one of his feet.

Heartbreaking: Arthur the baby white rhino was found next to his mother’s remains in South Africa’s Kruger National Park after poachers killer her for her horns and left Arthur for dead

When Kruger Park rangers found Arthur and his mother on May 20 this year, they swiftly evacuated the calf to the Care for Wild Rhino orphanage where his injuries were treated.

He was named Arthur the Brave as testament to his resilience and loyalty to his mother, and although Arthur is slowly recovering, he still calls out for her.

Volunteers at the orphanage describe the baby rhino’s calls as ‘a heart wrenching sound and one that he should never have to make’.

While Arthur is being cared for by the Care for Wild charity, whose ambassador is Prince Harry, staff at a UK zoo have ‘adopted’ him and is raising money to fund his rehabilitation.

In recovery: Arthur the baby rhino is seen being treated by staff at the Care for Wild rhino orphanage in South Africa

Missing mummy: Although Arthur is slowly recovering he still calls out for his mother, in what volunteers at the orphanage describe as ‘a heart wrenching sound’

South Lakes Safari Zoo in Dalton, Lancashire have set up Arthur’s Army and have pledged to raise at least £1,600 a month to fund his rehabilitation.

The zoo’s chief executive Karen Brewer, said: ‘Arthur is on the road to recovery, he has made friends at the sanctuary with fellow Rhino orphan Summer, and is a firm favourite with his care-givers.

‘In the wild a rhino calf will stay with his mum for three years. Arthur’s mother was snatched from him at an early age, Arthur still calls out for his mum, he will be emotionally scarred for a long time.’

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