The agonized lion found itself trapped by a group of crocodiles, who fiercely assaulted and сɩаіmed their ⱱісtіm.

In the wild, highly competitive natural world, in order to survive, animals will have to go through countless fierce battles. Despite being a master of hunting in the savannah, the lion’s success rate is quite low.

The clip below will show us a fierce fight between lions and crocodiles to compete for “meal”.

Before the appearance of the lion, the crocodiles in turn withdrew to accept their meal. The hippo carcasses lying on the edge of the swamp become a great food for the crocodiles.

While the crocodiles were eating, a lioness approached. It growled menacingly the crocodiles. Before the appearance of the lion, the crocodiles in turn withdrew to accept their meal.

There is only one last crocodile left and the clash between the two most fearsome predators takes place. This time, the lion won.

Chasing the crocodiles, the lion quickly enjoyed this meal. Crocodiles and lions sometimes compete with each other because they have similar prey.

According to eyewitnesses, the lion was raising about four cubs in a nearby bush. The body of a hippo, after robbing a crocodile, becomes a delicious meal for the mother and the lion.


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