The dog was so exhausted from his efforts to find help that he lay motionless on the side of the road, finally finding a place to call home.

In a heartwarming display of compassion, the Yancey County Humane Society is tirelessly working to nurse a malnourished dog back to health. Their primary goal is to reunite the dog, known as Destiny, with her rightful owner while unraveling the mystery behind her condition.

The journey to Destiny’s recovery began with a Facebook post by the Humane Society on a Monday evening. This post included photos of Destiny, revealing her emaciated state with ribs visible through her thin fur. Destiny’s story traces back to a kind-hearted man who found her and, deeply concerned for her well-being, sought help from the Yancey County Humane Society.

Destiny’s owner, however, remains elusive. The Humane Society is now collaborating closely with County Animal Control in a concerted effort to track down Destiny’s owner. The initial health assessment painted a grim picture—Destiny was plagued by parasites, had dangerously low calcium levels, and alarmingly low albumin levels. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of her condition, a dedicated veterinarian is meticulously examining her for any potential internal injuries.

The Humane Society’s Facebook post leaves no room for ambiguity: Destiny’s dire condition is not a result of her wandering alone in the wilderness. The words ring out loud and clear, “A dog out on its own will find food somewhere. Someone did this.”

The community’s response to Destiny’s plight has been remarkable. The post has garnered hundreds of shares, and the local residents are stepping up to help in any way they can. Destiny’s arrival at the Yancey County Humane Society follows a grim discovery of two deceased dogs in garbage bags near the South Toe River, a chilling reminder of the need to combat animal abuse and cruelty.

Renee Tomberlin, Executive Director of the Yancey County Humane Society, emphatically stated, “Animal abuse and death, especially, is just not OK” when discussing the recent case of the deceased dogs.

This incident has further galvanized the Yancey County Humane Society’s resolve. They have pledged to share more stories of abused animals, with the hope of spurring action from the county’s politicians in the fight against animal cruelty. Destiny’s story is not just about her own recovery but a testament to the collective dedication of the Yancey County community and the unwavering commitment of the Humane Society to protect the welfare of animals in need.


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