The eagle enticed the king cobra into a deadly showdown, but the eagle met a swift and agonizing demise.

The encounter between the cobra and the eagle can be considered a tragic encounter. Because one of them will have to die after fighting each other. The eagle is trying to hunt its prey, a king cobra. He stubbornly did not want to leave and wanted to conquer this challenge.

As the eagle and cobra stealthily circled each other, the mighty eagle tried to attack the deadly snake. The venom-spewing cobra fights hard to defeat its formidable enemy.

They continued to stare at each other. Both of them are looking for loopholes in the other to attack suddenly. The eagle pretended to be innocent, but in reality, it was preparing to deliver a fatal bite.

Snakes are quite cautious, but it is also difficult to predict everything. Suddenly the eagle attacks its prey from above, hitting it with considerable force and using sharp claws to cause damage. However, eagles cannot avoid snake venom and rely on their speed and strength to avoid being bitten.

The eagle’s strategy is usually to tire the snake until it can strike the back of the reptile’s head. But in the end, the attack was not as successful as expected. The eagle finally admitted defeat and flew away.


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