The fierce mother buffalo uses her razor-sharp horn to rush forward, piercing the leopard’s belly to rescue defenseless cubs

Wild buffalo mother frantically attacks leopard to save her baby being dragged into the bush

The calves were taken away right in front of their eyes, the mother buffalo madly used her sharp horns to attack the enemy to take back the young. This heart-pounding scene was recorded by tourists at Yala National Park in Sri Lanka.

In the clip, the mother buffalo and her calves are grazing when suddenly a leopard rushes out from the bushes to attack. Its target is the calf, the prey is considered quite fit. Immediately after, it bit the calf’s neck and quickly dragged it into the bushes.

Witnessing the baby being taken away right in front of her eyes, the mother buffalo immediately rushed over and pointed her sharp horns at the enemy. It rammed madly at the leopard to get the cub back.

After a while of effort, the mother buffalo was finally able to protect her baby. Failing to hunt, the leopard quickly ran away.

Among the four largest species of the cat family (tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard), the leopard has the lowest strength stats but is at the top of the predation rate. The reason is because the leopard is a species with extremely intelligent and extremely effective hunting tactics.

A successful hunting of leopards is determined by the accuracy of the process of tracking, stalking and attacking to defeat the prey. When the leopard catches the prey, it will finish it by biting the throat to make the prey lose blood and suffocate to death.

However, this time the leopard was not so lucky, it left with regret and had to find another target for lunch.


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