The Heartbreaking Appeal for Assistance: A Starving and Mistreated Puppy’s Sobs as His Mother Could No Longer Endure‎

Cats and dogs are always the most loyal, close and attached animals to their owners. However, I don’t understand the reason, but recently the situation of owners abandoning pets has been happening a lot.

The most pitiful thing is the mother dog who is raising her cubs but has no home and is helpless on the streets.

This is a story that happened in my village, a mother dog raising nearly a dozen puppies appeared at the garbage dump in the village. Mothers try to search for leftovers to fill their stomachs so they can have enough milk to feed their children

However, it seemed too tired and this condition lasted so long that the mother dog lay exhausted on the ground . The young cubs only know how to hang around their mother, lick, and snuggle into their mother’s arms to want to breastfeed, looking very pitiful

Luckily, passersby saw this scene and immediately called the rescue team to save the mother dog and her cubs

They placed the mother dog on a clean sack for first aid

Separate the puppies and put them in clean cartons for them to shelter temporarily

Then they examined, treated the wounds, and gave nutrition to the mother dog to recover.

The mother dog looked very weak and exhausted, everyone was afraid that it would have a hard time recovering

But you can see that the mother dog has the motivation to revive the cubs, and after a few days the condition is much better

After about a week, thanks to the rescue team’s treatment and provision of adequate food, both the mother puppy and her cubs were progressing well . After that, the mother dog began to run, jump, and play with her cubs in the rescue center grounds.

After the rain, the weather is bright again, and the puppies are living quite well at the rescue center. They are also looking for an adoptive family to take care of the mother and children in the near future. Hope the mother puppy and her puppies will have a truly loving home!


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