The kind man appeared in time and rescued the mother and child on their way to Slauɡһterһouѕe

The dog meat market in Vietnam is very real. Unfathomably, it’s a way of life for some people who sell dogs to slaughterhouses to make money. Fortunately, some people want to help save innocent dogs.

In Vietnam, many people eat dog and cat meat. So, the sale of these animals can be a source of income for people willing to do it. There are no laws prohibiting the sale or consumption of dogs and cats or even their humane handling.

Although disgusting and shocking to us, it’s a way of life there that is heartbreaking to see. Rescue workers do what they can by buying the poor animals before they are sold to slaughterhouses but as you can imagine, this is not easy and many dogs and cats don’t make it.

This video is a common sight on the streets of Vietnam. A rescue worker spots a woman with two dogs in a basket on the back of her motorcycle The man was able to stop the woman and then tries to convince her to sell him the dogs.

She strikes a hard bargain because she knows he wants to save the dogs. Finally, she agrees and then we get the first glimpse of the horror the poor dogs are going through. It is a momma and puppy in a small basket, their mouths are taped shut and their feet are taped together.

It’s hard to imagine the cruelty when we live in a country that treats dogs as part of the family. Thankfully, people are trying to stop the dog meat trade but it’s a huge challenge. Until dogs are no longer considered food, they will have to keep fighting to save them.

Meanwhile, the man who saved the dogs is gently releasing them from their tape but the momma dog seems to be in bad shape. She’s not willing to move and has been suffering in pain. He’s doing what he can to help and hope she is okay.

Sitting on the busy street, he gently treats her wounds and gives both the dogs some food and water. People gather around, it seems not everyone is okay with this practice and wants the dogs to be okay.

Finally, the momma dog stands up and one can only hope that she is going to be okay but she’s very afraid. Despite the torture she’s been through, she is gentle and trusting with this stranger helping her.

Finally, it’s time to pack up the dogs and go. The pups are lucky this day and hopefully will find loving forever homes with people who will treasure them. Please spread awareness by sharing with your friends.


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