The mother ostrich, utilizing her powerful claws, confronted the leopard to protect her baby. However, what began as a deѕрeгаte act of defeпѕe turned into a tгаɡіс massacre, engulfing the entire ostrich family.

The ostrich is an animal that is extremely adapted to the harsh environment of the desert. They can run at speeds of up to 70km/h, are quite intelligent animals and have very good coordination in groups to defeat enemies, young ostriches often become the prey of many animals. predators including the cheetah.

Newly hatched ostriches are frolicking next to their mother, they have become the target of attack by Cheetah leopards lurking nearby.

The leopards increase their attack speed, they target the newly mature ostriches to attack, the chase is very dramatic and stirs the whole area.

The ostrich uses its powerful legs to counter the attacks of the leopard, while the leopard uses its agility and strength to attack the ostrich.

With the efforts and determination of the mother ostrich, but could not resist the violent power of the Cheetah, it could not save its children and also had to die for the Cheetah to celebrate the victory.

A pitiful story of a mother Ostrich and her cubs, but showing that sacred motherhood is the source of the strength to fight the enemy to protect her little ones.

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