The Predator Became the Prey: Absorbed in Its Victory Over Two Mice, the Rattlesnake Became a Filling Feast for the Giant Lizard.

Still the survival story of the super venomous animal the rattlesnake. Originally in arid desert lands, rattlesnakes should be more careful with ground lizards.

The first day of the war, the rattlesnake had a perfect ending when in a short second he killed 2 oversized guinea pigs.

The snake’s tail tightly wraps around the neck of the first prey while its 130-degree wide mouth is swallowing the second prey.

Obviously, rattlesnakes have very sharp eyes and remarkable movement speed. And rats are no match for snakes, that’s for sure, no rat will be sober after being bitten by a rattlesnake.

However, after the rattlesnake “handled” the other two guinea pigs, the lizards came out of nowhere to raid, making the snakes unable to react.

The lizard had the upper hand when it struck a rattlesnake directly on the head with a fatal blow that disoriented the snake, which has a thick, poisonous skin, it seems that the venom of a rattlesnake is not very effective with such serious injuries.

The rattlesnake becomes the underdog and of course the end is predetermined. The lizard quickly grabs the carnivorous prey slowly from the tail.

The image of a rattlesnake rolling its eyes helplessly watching itself become a victim made many viewers shudder, terrified of the survival of the natural world.

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