The Unfortunate Fox Suffered Pursuit by the Secretary Bird, But Luck Did Not Favor the Cunning Culprit.

The snake of prey is a large bird of prey native to Africa, commonly found in the grasslands and open savannas of sub-Saharan Africa. They are often called secret birds because the tips of the feathers on their heads resemble the quills worn on the heads of secretaries in medieval Europe.

They are called “Snake-Eating Hawks” because of their great ability to tame and revive any snake, regardless of which snake has strong venom. The Sagittarius snake will also die if bitten by a venomous snake.

However, in the clip below, we can spot another resource beyond the snake business, which is the fight with jackals, an equally notorious predator. In the battle of eight and a half pounds, who is the winner?

This amazing sight was captured by Steve during his trip to Kgalagadi Transboundary Park, South Africa. This place is famous for its red dunes and majestic with migratory cows, and wild animals such as antelope, lion, and leopard. That day, on the way to the Twee Rivieren camp to rest, suddenly the car in front stopped, making Steve’s group of tourists extremely surprised. It turned out that there were a few antelope and wildebeest nearby, animals that are considered symbols of the place.

As Steve drove closer to take a look, they inadvertently spotted another, much more interesting activity. A jackal and a secretary bird are facing the super clean regime together.

Not missing the unique opportunity, Steve quickly took out his tools to take beautiful pictures.

At first, it appeared that the dog was the mastermind of the attack. It opens its mouth wide and tries to attack the enemy. However, after a while of observing, Steve realized that it was the secretary bird that caused the allergy and that the poor dog was just trying to defend himself. The ferocious bird constantly takes advantage of its height to deter the dog, leaving it unable to move. In addition to lice, it also delivers a powerful blow to the dog’s head.

At this point, the jackal had dealt a painful blow to show his shock and galloped straight into the back of Steve’s car. The bird didn’t bother to chase but just cast a satisfied look at the victory it had just won and then disappeared.

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