This touching image of the couple perfectly encapsulates the splendid birthday party hosted by the Nigerian youth association.

Around this time last year, Oluwakemi Funmilayo Aminu and her husband mагk Imudia Uduehi welcomed a set of quintuplets into their household and the world at large.

The toddlers were born in Abuja while Uduehi from Ekpoma in Esan weѕt Local Government Area was then unemployed and his wife was a government servant with the Nigerian Population Commission Abuja. It has been a year, and the couple is now celebrating their set of quintuplets on their first birthday.

Nigerian Couple celebrates their Twins who they welcomed after 17 years of  Waiting - Lucipost

Uduehi was given a position at the Nigeria Building and Road Research Institute (NBRRI), Abuja, by the federal government. In accordance with the Federal Integrated Staff Housing (FISH) Scheme, the couple was also allocated a three-bedroom cottage in one of the communities.

Below are additional images from their birthday picture ѕһoot:

Nigerian Couple Celebrates Their Twins (Girls) After 17 Years Of Waiting

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