Transformed from Stone-Like Neglect to Hope: Rescued Dog, Once Abandoned and Statue-Like, Now Seeks a New Loving Home.

This abandoned dog was so neglected when it was found dumped on the streets that it looked like it was turning to stone.

But after being nursed back to health, the down and out dog is now looking for a new home.

Non-profit animal welfare organisation Save a Greek Stray received a call about a miserable mutt who was in a bad state after being left to starve on the streets of Oropus, in East Attica, Greece.

Staff at the shelter rescued the five-year-old mixed-breed dog, who had a glut of health problems, and nursed her back to health over four months

Distressed: A stray dog was found starving on the streets of Oropus, in East Attica, Greece

Mistreated: The animal’s face was matted it had turned ‘crusty’ and looked as if it was made from stone


Transformation: The five-year-old stray was saved by a rescue shelter and nursed back to health

Staff nicknamed the hound Petra, which is Greek for stone – because after being so cruelly mistreated her matted, crusty face looked like it was made of stone.

She was very scared of people, and we had to sedate her in order to catch her.

Starved: When non-profit animal welfare organisation Save a Greek Stray found her she was painfully thin

Down and out: The animal cowered away from humans and her ribs were clearly visible

Bath time: She was given medical baths and treatment to improve her skin condition

Cared for: Staff nicknamed her Petra, which is Greek for stone, after they found her in a terrible state

‘She tested positive for mange and other Mediterranean diseases.

‘It took a lot of special medication, medical baths, special spot-ons to improve her skin condition and very good quality food.

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