Unlikely Companions: feагɩeѕѕ Heron Hitches a Ride on Alligator’s Back Across Florida Lake in eріс Video. 1

Bird brained or fearless? This is the moment a heron demonstrated its bravery after landing on the back of an alligator and sticking around for a ride.

Incredible footage shows the alligator swimming around a lake at Gatorland, Florida, with the big bird perched on its back, without a care in the world.

Despite another alligator lounging nearby, the snow-coloured bird appears completely at ease as it rides around on its new alligator friend.

A fearless heron snagged a ride on the back of an alligator at Gatorland, in Florida, with the predator seemingly unbothered by its new travel companion

At one point, the heron decides it has had enough of standing still and takes flight, only to change its mind and return again moments later.

Despite the heron returning to its back, the alligator shows no sign of discomfort and makes no attempt to attack the bird.

Savanna Boan, a former marine and current enrichment coordinator at Gatorland, said he filmed the incredible moment during ‘adventure hour’ where park guests can feed the alligators.

She said: ‘The heron is a wild heron. They come to Gatorland every year to breed.

‘The birds at Gatorland are pretty brave and while it doesn’t happen all the time it does happen occasionally but never to Jaws.

At one point, the heron decides it has had enough of standing still and takes flight, only to change its mind and return again moments later

‘Jaws is one of our more rambunctious alligators (and also one of my very favourites) the birds don’t generally get near him.’

At one point in the unusual duo’s journey, the heron even boldly dips its beak into the water, unafraid of any potential consequences.

Savannah said: ‘I was so shocked that he was letting the bird ride on his back that I called him back to shore.

‘He turned around and came back. Our alligators know their names.

‘Gatorland has been the alligator capital of the world since 1949.

‘I’ve worked here over five years and every day is full of family fun and animal excitement.

The heron even boldly dips its beak into the water at one point in the footage, unafraid of any potential consequences of stealing some of the alligators’ food

‘I don’t think the heron was in much danger – he could always fly away – but I will admit the birds here are very brave.’

Savannah shared the incredible video on her Instagram and it has been viewed by more than 38,000 people.

People were amazed by the clip and quickly expressed their admiration for the bird.

One person commented under the video: ‘That bird is gangster.’

A second said: ‘Everybody loves Jaws!’

While a third responded: ‘I just love your gator Ubers.’

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