VIDEO: Heroic German Shepherd Protects Young Boy From аttасk by a Neighbor’s Dog

A 1-year-old German shepherd has been hailed a hero after he rushed to protect his human brother from a potential attack by a neighbor’s dog.

The 6-year-old boy was playing in the front yard of his family’s South Florida home on Nov. 8, with his German shepherd, Tank, when a neighbor’s dog came charging toward them. In hair-raising footage caught on a security camera, the neighbor’s dog can be seen making a beeline for the boy.

6-year-old boy (L) getting attacked by neighbor’s dog. (R) (Screenshot/Newsflare)

Before the dog can reach the boy, Tank nudges his young buddy out of the way and confronts the dog himself, appearing to give the warning to back off. While the little boy runs into the arms of his mother, the dogs scuffle. Chased by Tank, the neighboring dog skids away across the driveway, as his owner runs over to secure him.

Allegedly, the dog had escaped from home, Daily Mail reported.

German Shepard confronts the neighbor’s dog. (Screenshot/Newsflare)


The little boy’s father posted the security camera footage on TikTok with the hashtag, #homeprotection, and the video has since garnered over 21 million views. The father said, “Tank had it under control. Our son was fine and the other dog was taken back home by his owner.”

The boy’s mother wrote: “My Tanky saved him from getting mauled or worst.”

She also mentioned that the dog wasn’t professionally trained but had “killer instincts,” and enjoyed a chew toy.


The family’s second dog, a blue nose pitbull, can also be seen in the video running toward the scuffle to help. But luckily, Tank’s show of force was enough. Tens of thousands of netizens commented on the German shepherd’s bravery and lightning-fast response.

One person said: “He jumped on the lil one to cover him like he was his pup.” While another wrote: “Dude deserves a ribeye for that save. Good dog!”

(Video credit: Newsflare)

A third added: “I love the end, too; he chases him away and jumps back to confirm mom’s got the boy, and still stands his ground.”

In another video, the 6-year-old’s father uploaded more footage from a new angle of the family’s dogs running to the rescue of his son, as well as an adorable photo of both pups sitting in front of the camera.