15 m2 Minimalist Dream Living with Wonderful Cabana Cubo Tiny House.

Hello everyone… We continue to discover different and wonderful tiny houses all over the world. Today we will introduce you to the wonderful Cabana Cubo Tiny House, which is suitable for the minimalist holiday life of your dreams, and has 2 floors and a wonderful forest view. This magnificent sanctuary is located in the southeast of Brazil. Our young couple planned this house as a quiet retreat where they can experience their love.

A tiny house is a house with dimensions ranging from 80 feet to 750 feet that can be built on a foundation or on wheels. Small houses are cheaper to build and maintain than others. A small house built on wheels provides freedom of movement. Don’t forget to check out the great ideas on our site to find the tiny house of your dreams.

The host couple decided to build this wonderful little house to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and to be in touch with nature. As a result of meticulous work, this magnificent cabana cubo tiny house has emerged. The square-shaped tiny house was so beautiful that those who saw it were amazed and requests began to come to stay here.

The young couple decided to rent this wonderful little house when they were not staying. The great location and rustic nature of the tiny house attracted great attention. Cabana Cubo, located at the foot of Serra da Mantiqueira in Brazil, has a very comfortable and attractive structure despite its 15 m2 area.

Cabana Cubo Tiny House is a wonderful holiday home where you can find peace in the heart of the quiet and lush forest. The tiny vacation cabin has everything a home should be and is equipped to meet all your needs. The blue sofa in the main living area adds elegance to the environment.

The wooden products used in the general design of the house added warmth to the environment. The minimalist house has 2 floors with an attractive double bedroom upstairs. The bedroom of the house is stylishly decorated with wooden colors. Although the tiny house is in the forest, it has a modern kitchen and bathroom where you can meet all your needs.

There is another small area in the garden of the tiny house where you can grow fresh vegetables. Cabana Cubo is located very close to great trails and waterfalls.

The most important feature of this house is that it has a wonderful terrace where you can see the magnificent sunrise and sunset. Fill the jacuzzi on the small wooden deck with hot water, lie down and enjoy the wonderful view.