1967 Chevy Camaro Pro-Touring Convertible: 750 HP ZR1 Engine, Roadster Shop Chassis, Anvil Carbon

This 1967 Chevrolet Camaro is a pro-touring build that comes with everything the aftermarket industry has to offer for the 1st-gen. However, it’s also a convertible, which you almost never see in the big-budget build world.

Convertibles can be cool, especially if you’ve got something super-rare like a GT500, a Cuda or a Z28. However, for the most part, builders prefer the sleek lines of the iconic hardtop muscle cars, while the Corvettes and Cobras rule over the expensive open-top market.

This is why Tim’s Camaro convertible, the subject of the latest AutotopiaLA video, is unique. You just look at all the mods and suspect he’s got at least $300,000 in the project. And it’s just the latest version; he’s owned this Camaro for 25 years and had four big-block Chevy engines (396, 427,496,540) in it before a fire forced him to completely re-think the design.

As he was sitting in the hospital with severe burns back in 2019, Tim commissioned the famous artist Travis Highlander to do a rendition of what he imagined the revised Camaro should look like.

Like we said, most of these mods have been done before, but it’s amazing to see them on a 67 Camaro Convertible. She rides on a Roadster Shop chassis, and Detroit Speed tubs, both of which are absolutely necessary when you’ve got a big LS motor and need lots of power.

One expensive Camaro convertible build

Speaking of which, this doesn’t have your usual crate motor swap. Instead, the owner opted for an LS9, specifically the 6.2-liter that would have powered a Corvette ZR1. Normally, this would make 639 horsepower, but Tim says it’s now closer to 750 hp, and we believe him. The 3-inch exhaust breathes better than a production Corvette, it’s got an aggressive cam and ported heads.

The Camaro has been upgraded to 14-inch Baer brakes, sitting right behind custom Rotiform wheels with a carbon-look lip. Speaking of carbon, I just love how owner Tim casually mentions “a place called Anvil”. Anvil Auto is literally the go-to place for carbon fiber parts on the Mk1 and Mk2 Camaros. In this case, the 67 is fitted with new bumpers, a chin spoiler, mirrors, the rear trunk spoiler, and fender trim. That Stinger-style hood is so cool that it’s a shame the supercharger doesn’t actually breathe through it.

For the paint, Tim went with “Son of a Gun Gray Metallic” which is a modern Chevrolet color. It’s been paired to one of the nicest red interiors you’re ever going to see in a restomod convertible. The powered seats are from a 2007 Pontiac GTO, and this thing is also packed with amps and speakers. The cherry on the cake has to be the manual shifter of the Tremec T-56 6-speed.