A Special Eleanor-kitted ’66 Muzzy

Rebecca received her Eleanor-kitted ’66 Muzzy as a 40th birthday present from her husband two years ago and she says it has now become a massive part of her life

Speaking with Rebecca Hadjakis, you’d swear she is a long-term car enthusiast, but actually she was catapulted into the scene only two years ago. Ever since, she’s made it her mission to be hands-on with her Eleanor-kitted ’66 Mustang coupe, learning every step of the way and sharing her journey on her Instagram page @becs66_mustang.

How did you come to own the Muzzy?

My hubby Anthony bought it for my 40th birthday two years ago. As I didn’t have a party due to lockdowns and COVID, he decided to buy me this instead, sight-unseen. I love silver tones, and this colour is unbelievable!

Wow! Did you hint that you were after a Mustang?

No, I really was not into cars before that. When he gave it to me, I was in complete shock. I’m so rapt that he did it!

Have you done much to it?

The body is great and the panel gaps are perfect, although other areas we’re redoing bit by bit, as a few shortcuts had been taken. We’ve done quite a bit in the past month, replacing a cracked trans, the carby and the starter. And the SAAS gauges are new, too; I was given them as an early Mother’s Day present – the original ones weren’t working.

What’s the driveline?

It’s a 302ci Windsor with a big cam, Edelbrock manifold and a 465cfm carb. It had a 650 DP, but it drank too much; in fact, the car now has more power with the smaller carby. Behind that is a full-manual C4 trans with a B&M shifter, down to a nine-inch in the back.

That’s a fat rear on the Muzzy!

Yeah, I’m always joking that everyone loves my arse-end, because I’ll take the Mustang out and people climb underneath to see how the deep 20×10 FR1 Simmons rims fit under the back. It’s mini-tubbed with coil-overs, and then adding the lowering to the mix makes her look great.

Are you getting on the tools yourself?

Yeah, I’m learning how to do things like change the plugs and oil, and take the carby on and off. Every time she goes somewhere to get something done, I hang around to help and learn about it all. She’s a massive part of my life.

Do you get out in the ’Stang much?

I love cruising – the car drives like it’s on rails! Also, I met Paula from Northern Gal about 18 months ago and realised how many women are in the scene. Shows are great too; I love people appreciating my car and I enjoy checking out other cars as well. There’s a lot of enthusiasm at these events.

So, is it fair to say you’re hooked?

I’m never getting out of the car scene now. My hubby and I are rebuilding an XB coupe and I want to take it as my own. I’m learning a lot during the build; I don’t think you should own a car like this and not know the ins and outs of it.