A Tragic Lesson: Baby Elephant’s Fatal Encounter with a Buffalo Herd Serves as a Stark Reminder of Overconfidence in the Animal Kingdom

Elephants and buffalo are both herbivores, but due to their large bodies and erratic temperaments, they are classified as the most dangerous and gigantic animals in Africa. .

Each animal contains in itself characteristics and strengths enough to claim heroism and hegemony in its territory.

Usually, people will be more familiar with the fierce battles of species such as lions and leopards when hunting or the fights of elephants, rhinos, and buffaloes when defending their territory. Any fight between two animals in the Big Five group is extremely intense because of its fierce nature.

Tour guide Conrad Cramer was once performing his job at Addo Elephant National Park, South Africa, when he happened to witness a “competition” between two members of the Big Five.

Accordingly, Mr. Cramer was leading his guests to visit the wild natural scenery at Addo Elephant, passing through Spekboom lagoon when he discovered a large herd of elephants gathering to drink water.

The scene was really peaceful until a wild buffalo walked slowly from nowhere to the lagoon. It also doesn’t seem to have any intention of being invasive but looking for a drink to quench the thirst of the scorching summer heat.

File:Buffalo attack elephant calf, Nairobi.png - Wikimedia Commons

However, one member of the elephant herd, the smallest animal, did not like the feeling of sharing resources with strangers.

Witnessing face-to-face, Mr. Cramer recounted, the baby elephant aggressively approached the wild buffalo, showing a very angry attitude. It spread its ears wide, and raised its head, all the hallmarks of a mature elephant when it comes to threatening an opponent.

Fearless elephant calf is picked up and headbutted by angry buffalo, in pictures

Of course, wild buffalo could not feel comfortable being threatened like that by a newly “opened eye” creature. It lunged forward, using its sharp horns to knock the little baby elephant into the air. Being hit by a painful blow, the baby elephant’s confidence was shattered and had to go to his mother to hide.

Cramer said: “What surprised me the most was that the elephants had no intention of interfering in the fight. It seemed like they wanted the little member of the herd to learn a lesson about how to behave in the fight. life”.

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