An Abandoned Husky Turns To Rescuers To Help Save Her Puppies

A woman called the rescue to report that a momma dog and her five puppies needed help. But, after days of searching, they were still looking for the abandoned dog.

Then they finally saw the sweet husky and two of her puppies. A woman reported that someone took three of the puppies away but left the momma with two very sick remaining puppies.

The rescuers picked up the husky and her puppies and loaded them in the car. They then rushed the puppies to the vet as fast as they could. It turned out the puppies had inflammatory bowel disease, but the white puppy was much sicker than the brown one.

The white puppy was also infested with worms and in very serious condition. It seemed that everything was working against her, but they continued to fight to save her life. Despite their efforts, they were sadly unable to save her.

That left the little brown puppy who was doing amazingly well. The adorable puppy was taken home to a foster, and it turned out the puppy loved to play with children. Everything was going great for this puppy despite the loss of her sibling.

The momma dog was also recovering and living on a farm, where she was thriving. She got lots of love, had adventures, and even had a donkey friend to play with. From the streets to a farm, she was finally safe and cared for.

The rescuers never found out where the three puppies were taken but thankfully, they were able to save two of the dogs and help one gain her wings and show her love in her last days on earth.

Their story is a sad one but still filled with hope. Rescue can be painful and doesn’t always have a happy ending but, in this case, at least some of the dogs were saved and will go on to live the lives they deserve and have new friends to share it with.

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