An Elderly Man Takes His Handicapped Dog Daily for a Walk Riding a Push Cart

DOGS have always been called “a man’s best friend.” They bring joy to people’s lives and are loyal to their owners. Though, just like people, they age, too. These are the times they need to be tended to the most. Elderly dogs needed to be pampered, so when they pass, they will not feel alone. They deserve to be happy.

Recently, photos of an elderly man taking his dog for a walk riding a pushcart went viral on the internet. The dog’s breed is a Golden Retriever, and the average lifespan of such a breed is around 10 to 15 years. Being 13-years-old, the man’s elderly dog has been having joints and other pains in his body. The elderly man knew that his dog’s time is running out.

The dog’s joint problems make it hard to walk. To visit places and relax, the elderly man uses a cart to carry his dog and pushes it to places they want to visit. Passersby who have seen the duo took photos and posted them on social media, which instantly went viral. Netizens were touched by the adorable photos of the duo.


In an interview with the local media, the elderly man said: “When my father passed away, I was very sad and lived in the shadows for a long time. The dog helped me get out of my depression.” At that time, the dog would often stay by his side. When he sees that the man is not in a happy mood, the dog would bring some toys, hoping to divert his attention by playing with him.

When the elderly man noticed that his dog was starting to have joint pains, he immediately understood that the old dog no longer has much time, though he did not want him to leave so soon. The man knew that dogs enjoy the outdoors so much, so he made a stroller for him. Every time they go out for a walk, the dog looks very happy and contented riding on the stroller.

Seeing the photos of the duo has touched people’s hearts. Everybody wishes them the best and hopes they enjoy life together more.

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