As the rest of the dogs frolicked and enjoyed themselves, the neglected Husky sat still in a corner, paralyzed by an overwhelming sense of “fear.”

More than 2,000 dogs were discovered on a property in Harbin, China when rescuers from Harbin SHS arrived. One of the dogs, however, stood out for the saddest reason of all.

While the others were playing, this particular dog was frozen in the corner, afraid and lonely.

She was also in poor health. Her fur was filthy and matted with feces, which demonstrated that she had not been groomed for a long time. She had been neglected for a significant length of time, as her condition revealed.

They took this dog in and named her Harriet. She sat down in a volunteer’s lap as soon as they got in the vehicle, finally feeling safe for the first time. They took her to the doctor, who guessed she was around eight months old.

Harriet was a young puppy with a bright future, but she had already suffered more sadness than any dog should endure. She was, however, in the proper hands now and on her way to recovery. Fortunately, aside from obvious ailments, Harriet was in excellent shape. They washed her first and shaved off her filthy tangled fur.

Harriet then went to live at the rescue center, where she would recover for two months. Harriet’s fur began to grow back and she emerged from her shell as the weeks passed. She was a wonderful, pleasant dog who deserved to be rewarded with a loving family. It was now time for Harriet to find an adoptive home.

Harriet moved to Canada after her release, where she began a new life. However, with her arrival came a new name: Bailey. Aside from becoming a mother, she also has three brand-new dog sisters that get along well together.

Bailey is having a wonderful time with her new family and going on exciting excursions. She has traveled many miles since being trapped in the yard at that property, due to the volunteers and veterinarians who assisted her along the way!

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