Classic Pontiac GTO Gets (Some) Imagined Restomod Goals, Feels Happy to Be Slammed

Five generations of Pontiac GTOs have mesmerized an entire automotive world, with various degrees of success – from massive to sun-heavy and beyond. So, naturally, virtual artists also have a soft spot for it.

Anyone with a passion for the pony and muscle car segments knows very well to credit Ford’s Mustang for the former’s success and Pontiac’s GTO for the latter’s popularity. But, of course, pixel masters will always try to also do something CGI about them to deeply express their love.

A good case in point to be made here could be Emmanuel Brito, the CGI expert better known as personalizatuauto on social media, who is always keen on making people’s build car project dreams come true. But even when he does not dabble with something that will soon cross the threshold between realities, he still takes us on cool journeys of wishful thinking discovery.

The latest one has the virtual artist refocusing his CGI brush on an original, first-generation Pontiac GTO that has “goals.” He does not explain any further, so we are probably welcome to extrapolate. Perhaps it has imagined restomod ideas, considering the front and rear LEDs. Or maybe it has a slammed desire to stand out in any bagged crowd.

Anyway, one thing is for sure. This gray and chrome Pontiac GTO would be a cool driver’s car if turned real. That would be thanks to the hinted performance improvements, as everyone will notice the big side exhaust setup along with the massive, chromed aftermarket wheels shod in performance tires and tucked above the humongous, red brake calipers.

Unfortunately, we can only imagine what occurs inside the maroon cockpit as there is no interior POV. Meanwhile, the engine goodies are also a big mystery, though we can suspect wonderful things might occur there to also warrant the additional hood intake!