‘DB500’ Mustang Is a Crazy Custom Blend of Old & New – SEMA 2022

DB500 is a 2014 Mustang GT sporting some classic body parts and styling that handles the clash of old and new with fabulous finesse.

If the DB500 Mustang isn’t the perfect example of crazy things you’ll really only see at SEMA, we don’t know what is. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no shortage of people trying to clash old styling with new technology in ways that extends beyond resto-mods. Sure, taking a classic Mustang and outfitting it with modern drivetrain components, ABS, Bluetooth, heated seats, etc., is doable. However, it’s a wildly expensive process and doesn’t quite get to breed the originality in styling that something like this does.

The DB500 is a tongue-in-cheek name because of its builders at Duncan Brothers Customs. It started life as a standard run-of-the-mill 2014 Mustang GT and became something quite spectacular. At a passing glance, one would not even consider that this car is any newer than the 1970s. However, once you take a look inside, everything becomes quite clear. Perhaps the most exciting bit of this build, though, is its use of authentic Shelby parts from 1969. Let’s dive in and see what went into this monster build.

The Exterior Would Lead You to Believe It’s a Proper Vintage Ride

According to the Duncan Brothers Customs website, the DB500 uses authentic 1969 Shelby Exhaust exits with Borla Crate mufflers. The crazy use of classic parts doesn’t stop there, though. It has 1969 Shelby GT500 bumpers that were cut and widened four inches to accommodate the width of the modern chassis. After they were put back together, the bumpers were triple-chromed to complete the look. Finally, the DB500 also uses 1969 Shelby headlight buckets, year-matching side markers, and backup lights. That’s some dedication!

To complete the look, Duncan Brothers Customs build quarter panels, fenders, door skins, and rockers to their own custom specs to ensure that this Mustang rocks the classic style from which it draws its influence. Truly, this is a unique build that required some insane dedication and hours spent bringing it to life.

To tie the whole look together, it sits on a set of 1.5-inch lowering springs from Ford Performance.

Modernity Is Found on the Inside

As we said before, you wouldn’t think twice about the age of this car if you saw it on a street corner. That being said, if you took a look inside, you might rapidly become pretty confused. Effectively, the interior retains most of its 2014 Mustang GT standard equipment with a few exceptions.

For one, Duncan Brothers Customs fitted the Mustang with an Acccelatec steering wheel made from premium leather and Alcantara. To match the wheel, the interior has custom-designed leather seats and door panels. At your feet sits an appropriate set of S197 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 floor mats.

Overall, the amount of time and effort spent on bringing this project together must have been unfathomable. Fortunately for us, we got a chance to check it out in person at SEMA.

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Photos for The Mustang Source by Derin Richardson