Drive Your Corvette To Work Day Is Friday

As if we needed another reason to get behind the wheel of our prized Corvettes, we just wanted to let you know that this Friday, June 29th, is the official Drive Your Corvette To Work Day. For those that don’t have to go to work on that day, feel free to see some sights from the driver’s side of your ride.

Whether just across town or across the country, folks have been driving Corvettes from the very beginning. If you’re one of those blessed few who own a first-gen Corvette, feel free to take it out and enjoy it so we can all live vicariously through your experience. And yes, we’re envious!

Mike Yager, the head man at Mid America Motorworks, began promoting the day in 2001 as a way to promote the popularity of the Corvette brand world-wide. It is held on the Friday closest to the 30th of June, which is the day that the very first production Corvette rolled off the line back in 1953. Back then, the limited production of Corvettes (only 300 in the first year of production) were built in a renovated building adjacent to the Flint Assembly Plant.

The first glimpse that the American public had of a Corvette was at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in 1953, when GM held their Motorama there. Public interest fostered Corvette’s hurried production to get the model out the same year. The first ’53 Corvettes rolled out of the Flint Assembly plant and are the only ones built at that facility. Production moved to St. Louis, MO the following year.

While each one of the current seven-generations of Corvettes all have certain characteristics, it is encouraged that everyone participate in Drive Your Corvette To Work Day, no matter what generation of Corvette they may own. Of course, discretion is advised and we’d not promote any situation that might put you, or your Corvette in harm’s way, but if it’s possible, we also like to encourage getting out there with your Corvette and enjoying the open road.

We’ve always been fans of driving Corvettes. Our friend Jim Moore feels the same way with his super-cool Midyear. We had “five minutes” to get this photo of Jim’s car on Beale Street in Memphis during a cross-country jaunt of around 2300 miles. Let me add, the Chief of Police did NOT say it was “okay to move the barriers” to get a photo, no matter what the random guy says when standing next to said barriers. Our co-pilot helps us figure out where our hotel room went, and Jim likes to “see what she’ll do” from time to time. Currently, he’s gone over 200-mph in the Texas Mile and is creeping up on an 8-second quarter mile. This photo was only 177-mph, he installed the hard top for 200. Photo: Joe Alonzo

Here are a couple of photos of Corvettes on the move to help get you in the mood. While we understand that there are cars who’s value is simply too high to risk driving, there are also so many good reasons to exercise our cars from time to time. If you’re able to put a few miles on the odometer in the name of Corvette’s special holiday, then by all means, please do! Until then, just imagine how much fun each of these folks are having while behind the wheel of their Corvettes.

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Feel free to post any photos of how you participated in Drive Your Corvette To Work Day and we thought we’d start off by showing off some of the epic drives that we’ve been involved with over the years. Whether for work, play or just because you installed a new ashtray gasket and wanted to try it out, we suggest you enjoy your Corvette and be sure to wave when meeting with others who are doing likewise. Also, let the world see you smiling behind the wheel of your Corvette. Who knows, you may just encourage them to get one for themselves!