A new video from David Patterson of That Dude in Blue has landed and this time he’s testing out a hot rod for the first time on his channel. And he’s going in at the deep end with a rat rod weighing under 2,000 pounds and a Chevrolet 400 engine with 1,100 hp. Strap yourself in because this one gets loud and wild.

This Rat Rod Sets The Scene For Mayhem

When you think of 1,000-hp engines you might picture a Toyota Supra or a twin-turbo Lamborghini. At least that’s what That Dude In Blue pictures when he thinks of power like that. And as he points out, he certainly doesn’t conjure up images of vintage German economy cars. But this is the car from hell with its massive V8 engine with twin-turbos and a fuel system that runs on e85 and dumps seven gallons per minute at full tilt.

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The exterior of this vehicle would be intimidating for the most experienced of drivers with its weathered charcoal panels, open engine with the twin turbos exposed, suicide doors, sloping grill, huge rear tires, and comparatively tiny skinnies at the front.

But as That Dude In Blue shows off the interior, you get a sense of how scary it could be to be behind the wheel of this thing. There’s no upholstery which gives it a hollowed-out feel. There’s also a plexiglass panel right behind the driver so you can actually see the cooling system and the inner mechanics of the car in motion as you drive.

Unleashing This 1,100-HP Rat Rod

Source: YouTube @ That Dude In Blue

As he gets the car started, That Dude in Blue explains that it has so much torque that he barely needs to press the gas to drive it. He sticks this hot rod in reverse and it rolls by itself. He admits that driving through the parking lot to the track is an experience in itself. Nothing prepares him for what happens when he lets it out on the track though.

Those massive rear tires spin up a storm of blue smoke and this devilish rat rod is off down the track at breakneck speed. The in-car camera captures the driver shifting the powerglide transmission and tensing up as the adrenalin rushes through him as the engines screams out and everything inside shakes like crazy. It’s so wild that that David had to bleep out multiple swear words.