Ex-Foster Carer’s Remarkable £48,000 Investment in Lifelike Dolls Surpasses Costs for 19 Grandchildren

Christina Cotgrove, a retired foster carer and grandmother of six, has revealed her extraordinary passion for collecting lifelike dolls. Her dedication to these dolls has led her to spend an astonishing £48,000 on her collection, surpassing the expenses she incurs for her 19 grandchildren.

Based in Whitstable, Kent, Christina’s collection boasts 27 hyper-realistic dolls, each meticulously cared for in a nursery of their own. She treats them as if they were real infants, bathing, dressing, and even tucking them into bed at night.

Christina’s love for her doll “babies” knows no bounds. She has invested thousands of pounds in baby clothes, prams, and various accessories for her lifelike dolls. From changing their outfits to providing them with bottles, diapers, and a nursery filled with essentials, Christina’s commitment to her doll collection is undeniable.

She proudly shares her dolls with friends and family, and her husband, David, has joined in the passion by refurbishing vintage prams for the lifelike infants. Christina’s dolls come in various price ranges, with her most expensive silicone baby, Zoe, costing an eye-watering £3,000.

Despite occasional skepticism from onlookers, Christina finds immense joy in her lifelike dolls. She delights in the moments when people mistake her dolls for real babies, a testament to their astonishing realism. Even though some may find her collection unusual, Christina remains unfazed, knowing that collecting these dolls brings her happiness.

Christina’s journey into doll collecting began in 2010 when she purchased her first doll on eBay. As soon as she opened the box, she was smitten by the lifelike features and decided to name her new doll “Chrissy.” From there, her collection continued to grow, and she affectionately refers to her dolls as her “reborns.”

Each doll in Christina’s collection holds a special place in her heart, with some named after family members and even a doll crafted by her own sister, Patricia. Over the years, Christina has foregone holidays and personal treats to invest in her beloved collection. She views her dolls as both a treat for herself and a source of happiness.

Despite her extensive doll collection, Christina remains devoted to her real grandchildren and spends quality time with them. Her children have mixed feelings about her dolls, with some finding them creepy while others enjoy playing with them.

For Christina, her lifelike dolls are more than just collectibles; they are a source of comfort and joy. Her enduring passion for these dolls is a testament to the power of personal interests and the happiness they can bring, even in the most unexpected forms. With no plans to stop collecting, Christina’s unique hobby continues to enrich her life.

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