From Solo Parent to Mother of Eleven: The Remarkable Surrogacy Journey of a Russian Billionaire Couple in Georgia

In the coastal town of Batumi, Georgia, a remarkable story unfolds as a 23-year-old Russian mother, Christina, transitions from being a single mom to a mother of 11. Residing with her eldest child, Vika, and her 56-year-old billionaire husband, Galip, Christina embarked on an unconventional surrogacy journey to expand their family.

Determined to have more children, Christina and Galip chose to utilize surrogacy, paying nine surrogates £7,000 each to carry their 10 biological children. The couple believed it was the perfect way to ensure their children were genetically theirs while allowing them to grow up together.

In an exclusive interview with “Closer” magazine, Christina expressed her preference for having many children of the same age, highlighting the unique bond they share. Using surrogates, she explained, allowed them to have all the children simultaneously. She emphasized that she didn’t feel like she “lost anything” by opting for surrogacy, having experienced childbirth before with her eldest child.

Christina and Galip faced the challenge of not knowing the surrogates personally, with their primary concern being the surrogates’ nutrition. To address this, Christina devised a meal plan to ensure the newborns received adequate nutrition.

The couple’s surrogacy journey transformed Christina’s life in a span of 10 months, transitioning from a single mother to having 10 children under one roof. To manage the growing family, Christina hired 11 nannies who work around the clock.

Detailing her daily schedule, Christina shared that they wake up at 6:30 a.m. with the nannies to spend quality time with the children. The day involves preparing meals, taking the children for walks, and engaging in afternoon activities like reading and watching cartoons.

Earlier this year, the couple made headlines by expressing their willingness to pay up to $800,000 for 100 births and discussing the possibility of having up to 105 children. To achieve this ambitious goal, Christina would need to give birth to 12 children each year for the next seven years, aiming to complete their family before she turns 30.

This extraordinary journey unfolds in Batumi, where surrogacy is permitted, allowing Christina and Galip to realize their dream of a large and close-knit family. Born in Moscow, Christina’s path from single motherhood to her current role as the mother of 11 showcases the unconventional yet heartfelt story of a family that defies traditional norms.

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