From Struggle to Joy: Rescue Dog, Once in Rough Shape, Rediscovers Puppy-like Joy and Vitality

Unfortunately, some pups do not have the happy and fun life that they deserve as they go through hardships, hoping that somebody will finally see their worth.

Luckily, the pup of today’s story got to see his happy ending.

Because of the state he was in, Hannah, his foster mom, suspected that he was neglected for a very long time.

“I have never seen a dog in such a rough shape before. He was emaciated. You could see every bone in his body. He didn’t have much fur. His skin was infected and red and itchy. And it really seemed like with each step that he took, it was incredibly painful for him,” Hannah told The Dodo.

When she brought him to her house, Ozzy did not seem happy at all. He was shivering with fear and looked as if he was lifeless, only wanting to sleep and rest.

She would regularly take him for walks, even though they were very brief, as he had no alignment in his legs and was unable to walk for long periods.

In order to combat this, Hannah got him a little doggo stroller to take him out and get some fresh air.

Huge Improvement

Soon after, Hannah saw him walk to a toy box all on his own, wanting to have some fun. Hanna was so overjoyed by this scene.

Around this time, she also noticed he started wagging his tail, letting her know that he was getting better and better with every passing day.

“At that one-week mark, I really started to see a change in his energy levels. Even though he is an older dog once he got his strength back, he reverted back to his puppy ways,” Hannah stated.

Soon, Ozzy’s energy levels started improving drastically, as he was engaging more and more with his foster sister, running around and even howling at his own reflection.

As he gained confidence, this adorable pup started asking for cuddles every chance he got. As soon as he saw Hannah sitting on the couch, he would run up to her, as this was his favorite spot to cuddle.

He also started loving human contact, as it served as a reminder that he was finally in a safe and loving space.

“Being able to have that impact on a creature’s life, it’s life-changing,” said Hannah.

“Getting to do life with Ozzy every day was one of the greatest gifts I was ever blessed with. I wish each of you could have known my sweet boy, because I could never put into words how special he was,” she stated.

The sudden news of Ozzy’s passing saddened everybody who knew him. He was such an incredible dog who left an adorable little pawprint on the hearts of the people he came across.

I am sure he skipped over the rainbow bridge, waving to you from the other side!

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