Heartbreaking Video: Dog Awaiting deаtһ In The ѕрot Where He Was аЬапdoпed

Dogs have always been known to be “man’s best friend.” They bring happiness and harmony to their masters and their family. Though sometimes there are owners who abandon their pets when they feel that they are no longer of use or when they are already ill. These animals never really understand what is happening and the feeling of being left alone by their owners is quite a traumatic experience for them.

In August 2020, Kritter Klub shared a video of a dog in Korea that was abandoned by its owner in front of a restaurant. The owner and some of the locals felt sorry for the poor pup that cried with tears flowing from its eyes while waiting for the owner to return. Come rain, come shine, but nobody came to claim the dog. Every time a customer comes into the restaurant, the poor dog checks if its owner has arrived, but to no avail.

The locals wanted to end the dog’s suffering and called a veterinarian to check on the wellness of the pup. Performing a Schirmer’s test, the vet discovered that the poor pup has been crying for some time but his eyes were in good condition. He was then brought to the Animal Hospital for a series of tests. His results showed that the dog was ill and had liver damage that could lead to threatening his life.

Additionally, his results showed late stages of infections due to heartworms. The vet assumed that the dog’s illness may be the reason he was abandoned by his previous owner, and insurance does not cover the treatment of animals in hospitals.

After a few days, the dog was returned to the restaurant, and the vet told the diagnosis to the restaurant owner and her family. Realizing that they may be too late, the restaurant owner cried and agreed for the vet to take him back to the hospital for treatment. Finally, they said their goodbyes to the pup and wished him well.

After a month of treatment at the Animal Hospital, the vet responded to a call from a couple who wanted to adopt the dog. It turns out that they lost their dog named Mong 2 months ago, who has been with them for 8 years. It was a terrible blow to the couple who spent weeks crying for their beloved Mong. Everything changed when they saw the abandoned dog from the vet’s advertisement for adoption.

“When I saw the broadcast, I thought that his eyes were similar to Mong’s.” the wife said. “I just want to see him and bring him here as soon as possible. I’d like to bring him, treat him, and live happily together.”

Incidentally, when the wife visited the Animal Hospital, it was the same day the restaurant owner came for a visit. She grew fond of the pup and was very pleased to discover that the dog no longer cries and is already in great condition.

“I’m just glad to see him in good condition. He’s totally changed. His eyes are round now.” the restaurant owner said. Before leaving, the restaurant owner bid her sweet goodbyes and well-wishes to the dog.

Finally, the dog found a ‘forever’ home. The wife and pup were welcomed by the husband as they entered. They named the dog Mid-eum (Faith), and was given a name tag by his human father. Mid-eum and his new human mother seem to trust each other and have immediately formed a strong bond. The former ‘crying’ dog is happier now and has found his home.

Here is the full video from YouTube: (Prepare a box of tissues)