Pit Bull Begs His Mom To Keep His New Foster Sister Forever

When Brianna first laid eyes on Opal, her heart went out to the injured dog. She knew that she wanted to foster her and began making plans to bring her home.

Brianna will never know what happened to Opal, but when she met her, one of her injuries was a broken jaw that had to be repaired. But despite being muzzled and her jaw being wired shut, the sweet pittie was still full of love.

Brianna assumes she was a stray that got hit by a car but the real story will forever remain with Opal. But despite her injuries, when she arrived at her foster home, she wanted nothing more than to play with the other dog in the house, Duke.

It was friendship at first sight for Opal and Duke but they had to be separated due to her injuries. The two were very unhappy over the situation and cried and tried to be together through Opal’s recovery area.

Because they were so desperate to be together, their separation only lasted three days. When they finally got to be close, they immediately started to cuddle. Duke was gentle with his new foster sister but they had to be careful because of Opal’s injuries.

It would be a long time before they’d be allowed to play like they wanted but Duke was a patient boy. Opal had to wear her muzzle for five long months before she was finally released by the vet to resume a normal life.

To celebrate, Opal got a trip to the pet store and her first play date with Duke. She was super happy to have her freedom back and after all, she had been through, was a dog happy to be alive.

One thing that quickly became clear was that Duke and Opal were meant to be best friends. After all, Opal had been through a lot with Duke by her side, there was no way Brianna was going to separate the two.

So, they adopted Opal. She was now in her forever home with her loving family and best friend. She deserved it after all her pain and suffering and we wish her a life filled with nothing but happiness.

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