WATCH: Emotional Momma Dog Is Reunited With Her 9 Stolen Puppies

It’s impossible to comprehend how someone could be so cruel that they would dump puppies out on the road. But sadly, it happens every day, all over the world. Just as it did to these nine black, white, and brown babies.

Nine puppies were discovered next to a road. Fortunately, rescuers noticed the pups and stopped to feed them. They were unable to take the dogs because their shelter was overcrowded, but they made them a little tent in the hopes they could soon do more to help.

The next day, when they came back to feed the little pups, one puppy was off by himself. He looked so sad, it touched their heart and they brought him to the vet. The puppy was sick with a stomachache, most likely from something he’d eaten near the road.

It’s heartbreaking to see him in pain and to know he doesn’t have a family to love him. But the rescue workers don’t give up. They go back and take pictures of the puppies and post them on Instagram. Soon, they get a response but it is not one they were expecting.

The people who reached out recognized the puppies and when they met rescuers at the dump site, the puppies obviously knew the family. They said a stray dog had given birth in their yard. They cared for the homeless mother and babies for a month and a half but then something terrible happened.

A disgruntled neighbor stole the puppies and dumped them where they were found. The homeless mother dog was left to search for her babies, so sad that she could never find them. All the while, their kind caretakers had no idea where they were.

Happily, they were reunited with the puppies. One by one, they were able to patiently catch them to bring them home. Once there, their mother saw her little puppies again for the first time and they had the sweetest reunion.

Being a stray, the momma was timid but that didn’t stop her from rushing to her babies, tails wagging all the way. Momma could barely contain her excitement as they got the puppies from the car and placed them in a safe space so they wouldn’t be stolen again.

Their sweet reunion is so adorable and soon momma was happily receiving human love too. From traumatized dogs to a happy family, the dogs are now loved. You just can’t help but smile when you see them all together again.

It will especially melt your heart when the sick puppy can leave the vet clinic and is reunited with his mom and brothers and sisters. He’s so happy, that even though he’s been ill, he can’t contain his joy.

We hope you enjoyed their sweet story. The puppies are so lucky that each had a happy ending and were found that day and later put up for adoption into loving homes. Please share their amazing adventure with your friends.