Heartwarming Surprise: Stubborn Dog Initially Resistant to Rescue Reveals an Adorable Secret

When a woman by the name of Alysse Matlock was driving down a rural road just outside of Noble, Oklahoma, she noticed something fluffy walking in the middle of the pavement.

As she got closer, she realized that it was actually a miniature Australian Shepherd.

Worried that the dog would get hurt, she pulled over and tried to lure it into her car, but the pup didn’t really understand her good intentions, so it got scared and ran away.

Luckily, the woman managed to snap a photo and was able to post it on Facebook when she got home, asking if anyone else met with this little fur ball.

And, sure enough, they did!

Rescue Mission

After posting the photo of the pup, her comment section got flooded with replies, as others wrote about seeing the exact same dog patrolling the neighborhood.

However, nobody knew where she came from.

A few days later, the pup, now named Journey, was spotted in the middle of Noble, 10 miles from where Alysse initially met her.

Since colder days were coming, many of the town’s animal lovers were concerned for Journey’s safety, knowing that she needed shelter to survive.

Another concern was raised when somebody noticed that her belly was distended, which meant that this pup was heavily pregnant and the pups were coming soon!

After hearing this information, Alysse went out to look for the pup; this time, determined to get her somewhere safe.

After finally locating her, Alysse ended up spending three hours trying to convince Journey to trust her. But, as 1 a.m. rolled around, and Journey still wouldn’t give in, Alysse was forced to come back another day.

Finally Safe

After returning the very next day, Alysse noticed somebody peeking behind a large piece of trash. Upon further inspection, she realized that it was Journey, who found a makeshift shelter from the cold.

“She’d spent the night curled up in a busted recliner by the side of the highway,” Alysse wrote in a video.

Yet again, Alysse tried to get her into the car, but Journey just wouldn’t comply.

Finally, Alysse and a couple of the town members managed to spot Journey at the top of a hill, which gave them an idea.

With a bit of teamwork and a lot of hotdogs, the rescue team successfully contained the little rascal and got her into the car.

“It was such a relief when she was finally caught. All of us strangers that had stopped on the side of the road that morning started hugging,” Alysse told The Dodo.

New Life

As Alysse finally had the pup in her care, she immediately took her to the vet who confirmed that this soon-to-be-mama was going to give birth in the next five to seven days.

However, the very next morning, Alysse woke up to some strange squeaking sounds.

Two little pups were right next to Journey and their other four siblings arrived soon after. Journey became a mom to an adorable and healthy litter.

Being in a warm and safe environment, the brave mama and her kids were finally able to have some rest; something that was very important for Mama’s recovery.

For now, the little family will be kept safe, and if no owners are found, they will be put up for adoption through Noble Now Inc. Friends of Noble Animal Shelter.

A big thank-you to every hooman involved in helping this adorable Aussie find a safe and loving place to give birth to her adorable babies.

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