Hoovies Garage Selling Famous 1970 Plymouth HEMI Superbird

Berrett-Jackson just announced that the famous YouTube personality Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage is selling five of his famous cars through the upcoming 2022 Houston Auction (October 20-22). The highlight has to be his exotic, rare but controversial customed 1970 Plymouth HEMI Superbird.

Hoovies Garage has been collaborating with the famous auction house for years. He’s done a great job narrating some of Barrett-Jackson’s events and has even done videos for them. The fact that he’s now selling some of his vehicles indirectly suggests something we’ve been hearing, which is that the market is about to peak. Certainly, selling a high-value car like the Superbird indicates this.

Most experts seem to agree that 1,935 examples of the Plymouth Superbird were made for the United States with a few dozen more going to Canada. Tyler managed to find one of the rare R-codes, meaning it’s one of 135 examples with the HEMI engine.

Update: It sold for $170,000

As we suspected, the market for classic cars appears to have reached a peak. The restomodded Superbird sold for just $170,000 despite the best efforts of the Barrett-Jackson auctioneers. At this price, considering the repairs and the fees, Tyler is barely breaking even. Surprisingly, out of the five cars, it was the white Miata which sold for way more than it should have. Check out the video at the bottom of the story for details.

Original HEMI is gone

In theory, that car should be absolute muscle car royalty, the best of the best, but he only paid $130,000. Now that is because it’s been raced, wrecked, had the wrong engine in it, and was riddled with mechanical faults. The car was listed in the Superbird registry as being re-bodied because of a T-bone incident on the track. Could be worse… like a Superbird wrecked by Hurricane Ian.

It also comes with a race cage installed and Tyler found a 528 HEMI under the hood, apparently making 500 horsepower at the wheels. We remember watching many of his videos and how many problems the Car Wizard had to fix with the headlights alone. In addition, his restomod Plymouth Superbird didn’t drive as well as it looked because there were problems with the suspension.

Taking all that into consideration, we still think Tyler will come out ahead at the auction because of how famous his HEMI Superbird has become. Nowadays, people would come after you with pitchforks if you modified a Superbird in any way, so the auction is actually a great opportunity in disguise. And don’t feel too bad for Typer “Hoovie” because he’s got several other exotics at different locations, including rare Ferraris, Lambos, AMGs, and more.

If you can’t afford the Plymouth winged car don’t worry because four other vehicles are coming out of his collection to the Houston auction. The most valuable should be that 1991 GMC Syclone pickup. I honestly forgot he had one. The performance vehicle is famous for being faster than a Ferrari thanks to its 280 horsepower turbocharged 4.3-liter engine. 2,998 examples were made, and they’re worth over $55,000 right now.

A K5 Blazer is also coming to the auction, along with a very clean 1990 Mazda MX-5 Miata and a 1988 Porsche 928 S4. The one from Risky Business (a 1979 model) sold for a whopping $1.98 million, and although Typer’s is going to be way cheaper (we believe it’s worth at least $40,000) but also more powerful.