Incredible Moment A Mother Fights To Save Her Pup From Bottom Of Ditch

This is the incredible moment a mother heroically attempted to rescue her pup after it had fallen into a ditch.

In the video below, you can see that a Golden Retriever dog was attempting to pull one of her pups out of a ditch.

The mother and all of her children appear to have across the ditch without incident in the footage.

The little dog, who had less good fortune than his brothers, was about to fall.

The large retriever moved cautiously as close to the ditch’s edge as she could.

But as he continued to lift himself up, he went on to firmly grab his little one by the ear.

They worked together to climb the slope, which, while not extremely steep, was enough to put the cute and fearful puppy in danger of being swept away by the deep-water current in the gully.

The puppy and his mother were able to overcome the obstacle they encountered in order to continue their journey.

Nothing compares to a mother’s love, and even in the most desperate situations, the need to protect one’s children prevails in all species.