Injured Dog Hides in Drainage Ditch and Gets Stuck

An elderly street dog who was injured and scared sought shelter in a drain pipe but got stuck. Ermioni with DAR Animal Rescue went to save him and found him in the drain, his rear end sticking out.

The senior dog, now named Aris, just wanted to stay in the pipe where he thought was safe.

Ermioni wrote of Aris, “He is an elderly boy as he can’t see, can’t smell, can’t hear very well. He is positive to leismania and Erlichea, also he has kidney failure.”

Life on the streets had also been violent. He had been attacked by other dogs and had been shot by pellets.

Although they looked for his family by filing a police report, calling vets and posting on social media, they could not find his previous family.

“Aris will remain under our care and we will make sure he will have a good life for as long as it takes, he will take his medication, good food and lots of love.”