Little Puppy Nudged His Head Near Motionless Brother Wanting Him To Play

Animal Aid Unlimited rescuers set out to help a dog who lay immobile with distress because of a severely wounded paw. His sibling continued wondering why he couldn’t play, and his mother got increasingly anxious.

The small dog was terrified but required care right away, so they carefully scooped him up and carried him back to the hospital for additional assessment. There, he was incredibly brave and appeared to realize they were only trying to help.

The nice boy was given pain pills and food, and he met a lot of new pals throughout his rehabilitation! But there was something extremely vital he was lacking from his life…

Animal Aid would keep him until his limb stabilized, but they knew he’d never be the same again without his family. So he was given to them to be finished, and just wait till you see Jimmi after a month with his mom and sister back home!