Lost Dog Living On Street Cries With Joy When Reunited With Owner After 3 Years Apart

Giorgi Berejiani went through every pet owners worst nightmare, his beloved dog, Jorge, went missing from their home.

After his disappearance in 2015, Giorgi looked everywhere for Jorge. After all his efforts, there was no sign of him, so he asked his neighbors and local folk to keep an eye out for him too.

Months then turned to years, with no clues to Jorges whereabouts, Giorgi never gave up trying.

Three years on, this all changed.

“We searched for three years. Then we found him.”

Luckily, some staff working at a shop in the local town spotted a dog that appeared to match Jorge’s description. However, this dog was tagged by the city which indicated he was a stray, but the staff contacted Giorgi just in case.

Naturally, Giorgi rushed over to check. Could it really be him? After a whole three years!

As soon as they met again, there was no doubt at all that it was indeed him.

Giorgi documented the heartfelt moment on the video below:

Understandably, Giorgi was over the moon to be reunited with his long-lost pup.

Jorge was also clearly happy to have been found, as you can see from his cries of joy in the video.

“I’m so glad, I have never seen him so happy.”

It felt like in an instant, both of their hearts were unbroken.

No one really knows Jorge managed to get through all those years of street living as a stray, but perhaps, like his owner, the hope that one day he’d be reunited with his human kept him going.