Loyal stray dog called for help and stood up to protect the blind old woman by the river and the ending was great!

It’s a known fact that very few pets come close to the loyalty that dogs possess. These furry four-legged creatures are not only intelligent, adaptable and affectionate but also remarkably loyal to their loved ones.

A photograph captured by a local passenger, Ake Srisuwan in Nepal, featuring two dogs standing beside a woman sleeping by the river, went viral and is proof of their unwavering loyalty. This poignant moment melted the hearts of thousands globally, reaffirming the fact that dogs never leave their companions’ side.

The pictures may not provide much context, but they showcase the unwavering loyalty of a dog to its owner. The woman, reportedly blind, was found asleep on the riverbank, drenched in mud and water. Two dogs, one close by and the other a few meters away, stood guard over her, ensuring her safety.

A touching scene depicting the unwavering bond between a loyal canine and its human friend was recently documented by a passerby named Ake. Despite being homeless, the dogs displayed the kind of compassion and kindness that these furry creatures are renowned for. The woman and her furry companions were fortunate to receive assistance from others.

After a viral photo circulated on the internet, authorities were able to locate a woman and her brave dogs who had been in danger. They were all given proper medical attention and care. This heartwarming story was picked up by several news outlets, shining a light on the unwavering connection between dogs and their human companions. Meanwhile, Nepal continues to face the issue of stray dogs roaming the streets.

Regrettably, the issue of stray dogs in Nepal continues to escalate. According to Online Khabar, Nepal has countless abandoned canines wandering the streets, with Kathmandu alone hosting approximately 30,000 dogs. At present, there is no effective method to address this problem, resulting in nearly 99% of these dogs suffering from severe conditions.

Despite their loving and resilient nature, these dogs typically succumb to starvation and various illnesses caused by unsanitary living conditions. We remain optimistic that a solution will be implemented soon to provide these lovable dogs with a safe haven and eventually a permanent home, which is the least they deserve!