Miracle Quartet: New Zealand’s Quadruplets Illuminate the World with Their Precious Arrival

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and beauty, New Zealand welcomes its first set of quadruplets in two decades. Born at Christchurch Women’s Hospital on August 15, 2018, at just 28 weeks and four days, Quinn, Indie, Hudson, and Molly have captured the world’s attention with their captivating story.

Photographer Cassandra English had the privilege of documenting their journey in a career-defining photoshoot, capturing the essence of these tiny angels within 7 and a half hours. This remarkable event marks the first quadruplet birth in New Zealand since 1998, a testament to the rarity and uniqueness of their arrival.

Weighing between 1.12 kg to 1.3 kg, the newborns faced the world with resilience, each admitted to the neonatal critical care unit. Among them, Molly emerged as the trailblazer, achieving significant developmental milestones at an early stage, a source of joy for parents Kendall and Joshua MacDonald, and big brother Brooklyn, who is three years old.

The challenges faced by the MacDonald family are both heartwarming and awe-inspiring. Photographer Cassandra English, driven by a dream she had since learning about Kendall’s miraculous pregnancy, orchestrated a session that involved 13 nappy changes, nine bottles, numerous burps and farts, and the coordination of four babies simultaneously napping.

To realize her vision, English required not only the cooperation of four babies but also the assistance of four dedicated helpers, three baby ‘shushers,’ 27 bunches of fresh flowers, a meticulously crafted wreath, and a wooden bed handmade by her father. The resulting images are a testament to the dedication and artistry poured into the session

The MacDonald family, realizing the public’s fascination with their unique story, created a Facebook page to share the journey of their extraordinary arrivals. In addition to the quadruplets, the family’s first son, Brooklyn, plays a central role in the captivating photoshoot, emphasizing the special bond between the siblings.

For English, capturing the image of these four siblings alongside their elder brother represents a defining moment in her career. She notes the uniqueness of their presence, both lying next to each other and interacting with Brooklyn, capturing the essence of familial love and connection.

As the MacDonald quadruplets continue to grow, their story stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, illuminating the world with the extraordinary beauty that emerges from the challenges of early birth.

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